Here is what people are saying about The Saga of Captain Cheeseball books:

(Reviews for Volume I)

"My 8 year old son loved this book. We started out reading it with him - him reading out loud. My wife and I loved the fill-in-the-blank items in the story and it added to the humor of the book. We were both looking forward to finishing it with him but in a couple days he tells us he was done! Skeptical at first, we asked about it and he could tell the whole story! First book he ever read by himself/to himself. He would start books and not finish them unless we read them with him or prodded him along. He loved it and was motivated to finish it himself. He is hopeful Volume II will be out soon!"

Columbus, Ohio

"I was searching for an activity book for my grandchildren and saw this amusing title. I was intrigued to find out the story after reading some of the pages online and seeing that the author used stories made up by his children. I knew this was the book to get, and I was not disappointed. The story keeps the reader involved and the activities let the reader add to the story. Very well layed out and fun."

Santa Fe, New Mexico


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